DSJ Dental Solutions Jade UG

CAD-CAM im Dentalbereich, das sind wir.


DSJ Dental Solutions Jade UG:

The DSJ Dental Solutions Jade UG was founded in June 2014. Our activities include trade, development and services related to the dental CAD-CAM technology. Due to cooperation with many well-known manufacturers and distributors in the dental field, we advise dentists and dental laboratories by their needs regardless of brand.

Main technology:

The basis for our development activities is the 3Achs CNC milling and grinding system developed by DCS Dentalsysteme AG in 1986. The first system specifically developed for dental technicians.

This technology has been modernized and further developed by us. The following points are particularly worth mentioning:

  • Opening the interfaces for processing open file systems, e.g. STL data
  • New holder technology for holding any kind of material blanks in the dental field
  • Modernization of control and drive technology
  • Integration of milling and grinding dust extraction systems
  • Extension of the system to the 5 axis simultaneous milling machine
  • Expansion of the machine for the production of individual patient implants

The following categories and points mainly refer to this main technology or are compatible with it. Trade products such as blanks, cutters and abrasives are also compatible with other milling systems on the market and can therefore be offered to a large user group.


  • Trade with 3D model scanners for dental technology
    (Laser triangulation and strip light)
  • Trade of milling and grinding machines for dental technology.
  • Trade in software products in the CAD / CAM sector
  • Trade with related consumables as well as medical devices.


  • Customer service
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Training
  • consultation
  • On-line support


  • Development and further development / optimization of grinding and milling tools
  • Development of accessories that meet the needs of our customers
  • Development of software for the dental field of CAD-CAM production
  • Development of technical extensions to the systems we supplied and managed.


Laser and structured light scanner for use in dental laboratory

The treating dentist takes an impression of the patient's situation after the patient's teeth have been prepared. A gypsum model is produced in the dental laboratory. The scanner is required to create a virtual model from this plaster model, which is needed as the basis for the further process steps.

Intraoral scanner for use in dental practice

Instead of using an imprint, the patient's dentition situation is digitized directly by the dentist with the aid of a small camera directly in the mouth. These data can be processed directly in the CAD software.

CAD software - Dental

The purpose is the modeling of dental restorations on the basis of the previously digitized model or the intraoral scandals. Almost all clinically necessary indications can now be realized via the CAD software.

CAM software - Dental

The CAM software makes the central interface between the planes created by the dental technician, with the help of the CAD software, and the production using a CNC milling system.

Milling machines with 3 ½, 4 or 5 axes technology.

These milling machines, specially developed for the dental sector and adapted to the needs of the dental technician, manufacture the dental care previously designed with the CAD / CAM software.

Depending on the indication or the detail of the supply, 3 or 5 axis manufacturing machines are required to completely remove all areas from the material blank.

Various materials are used, such as:

  • Fully sintered HIP zirconium (hot isostatically pressed yttrium-stabilized tetragonal zirconium oxide)
  • Pre-sintered or semi-sintered zirconium
  • Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramics
  • Alumina ceramics
  • Hybrid ceramics
  • Titanium grade 2-5
  • Chrome / cobalt alloys
  • Sintered NEM
  • Pmma plastics
  • Composit materials
  • PEEK plastics