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CAD-CAM im Dentalbereich, das sind wir.


Welcome to the website of DSJ Dental Solutions Jade UG,

In this picture you can see the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Bridge, built in Wilhelmshaven in 1907.

It's the largest double rotating bridge in Europe.

A masterpiece in statics and design.

Every day, we also see dental technicians meeting the challenge of mastering statics and aesthetics.

Of course, we understand our craft and do not shy away from this task.

As a base, we rely on a wide range of materials and equipment to achieve this goal.

Dental CAD / CAM technology is nowadays a major part of this base.

We at Dental Solutions Jade understand our craftsmanship and since 1989 we have been dealing exclusively with computer and machine-supported production of dental prosthesis from a wide range of materials to provide you with the best possible base for your manufacturing.

On the following pages you can find out more about our techniques and products.

For this purpose, a lot of information about different materials can be called up.

You can also visit our Internet shop, where all our products can also be purchased online.

In addition, we also look forward to a personal contact with you.

In this sense:

"Let us build strong bridges together!"

Best regards

Manfred Wittenfeld


Uwe Dörsing